diptych 4264 | Madrid

only street shows so much determination. to survive. to reach next day.

Marcin Rusinowski | wish you were here

Marcin Rusinowski | wish you were here

street performer, Madrid, December 2009. Canon EF35L, Canon 5d

pink umbrella wonder

in days of white sky and gray around me it was like a miracle, the great wonder. old lady with pink umbrella.

Marcin Rusinowski | wish you were here

Warsaw, 2011. Leica M9, Voigtlander Skopal 21/4P

Kodachrome's last breath

I wasn’t Kodachrome fan. To be honest – I desaturate it a little (basically to get rid of kind reddish cast and -5 overall to get more from the shadows – but maybe because of my lab) during scanning on my Minolta Elite 5400 scanner. I understand that for the Kodachrome purist it’s an act of profanity. Continue reading

190 pcs of 10 bilions

Apple celebrates big number. 191 pcs from these ten bilions act of shopping are mine, bought since first gen iPhone came into my hands. I have a few favs since then, but this is another story. Congrats to Apple.

Marcin Rusinowski | wish you were here

slightly out of focus

Egypt 2004 thru car window. Miss this heat, sand, dirt and colours. Today in Warsaw everything around is gray or in sad subdued tones. Counting days to Barcelona, but will be missing family.

PS. It’s looks like this blog is my test place. This slideshow should work on iPad/iPhone. Tell me if now working on yours.

Friday nightime

it’s amazing how Leica M9 perform in lowlights, providing huge amount of detail. the noise (or rather grain as I see it) is really easy to remove with almost no loss in details.

Marcin Rusinowski | wish you were here

Friday nightime, Warsaw. Leica M9, iso 2000, f3.2, t1/15, nocton 28/2

timing framing freezing

what I love in rangefinders is the possibility to see more then just frame, to choose really THAT time and freeze the whole world in pic. silent click. it’s not dealing with luck or selecting one pic from eight in serie. one click. all manual, all from the photographer. a challenge of mind and being ‘on time’. all that jazz.

Marcin Rusinowski | wish you were here

Karol, my son’s friend during Tymon’s birthday. Leica M9, iso 2500, f2.4, t1/45, nocton 28/2

M9 info

I was wondering how to check number of shoots done on M9 after reseting the numbering. A few days ago I’ve found it – on website of Wolfram Söns.


Marcin Rusinowski | wish you were here

Anyway – strange is that my #012 taken pic is #119 in shutter count…

M9Info Version 0.50 for Leica M9


M9Info allows a fast access to informations inside the DNG File from Leica M9

  • Easy: just the original DNG or NEF is needed
  • Displays the preview picture. Preview can saved as BMP
  • Displays serial number, applied firmware and shutter releases of the camera
  • Display picture related data including used lens
  • Displays the tonal value (RGB-Histogram)
  • Launch up to three different programs with the opened file

The author published also shutter releases counting software for Leica M8, Nikon D3, D3s and D3x.

5 years ago

exactly 5 years (January 8th, 2006 at 1:52 AM) ago I saw the birth of my son Tymon…

Marcin Rusinowski | wish you were here