JPEGmini – my best ‘under 20 USD’ app for mac in 2014

I have never thought I will buy single app to optimise JPEG files. And honestly – this is the best spent less then 20 USD in 2014 for any app I have bought.

JPEGmini does only one thing: recompressing the JPEG files. You can use it also to scale down images, but – my use of this app is optimising JPEG files for blog/publishing but also for my Clients backups. JPEG export is build in most of photo editing apps however – I was not happy with use of Image Processor (Adobe Photoshop’s part) nor Adobe Lightroom – because of handling of compression. So – while JPEGmini keeps details and quality of it’s processing – I’m happy. How much space we will save? I think 2-2,5x is average what we can expect and what is real to get. With not visible loosing quality of our images – a great deal to go with.

So – this is my recommendation wherever you are photographer or just blogger or hobbyist sending pictures to family or friends.


PS. there is also Windows version of JPEGmini.

fast compare BMPCC vs CANON 6D

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Dedication to all saying BMPCC (Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera) is not ISO king. It does not have to be. It’s just proper at what it does.

Three simple and fast stills from homemade footage. Winter afternoon, 40W bulb in the room.

Pocket: KOWA 12,5mm lens at f1.4, ISO1600, 180 shutter angle (1/48) vs Canon 6d, Tamron 24-70VC at f2,8 ISO6400, 1/50

Just as pointed: BMPCC does not have to be ISO king. It just works properly.