Super Mario Bros background for Apple Watch

It was really fun to do it with some pics from Super Mario Maker. Just right-click to download and put it as fav image in iPhone to be sync with Apple Watch. Then only switch to watch face with picture, choose this one and voila!


Macupdate Bundle Fall 2015

Macupdate Fall 2015 Bundle

W telegraficznym skrócie – jest nowe Macupdate bundle, za niecałe 50 USD przynajmniej trzy warte grzechu:
1) Toast Titanium 14
2) iMazing 1.2.4 (o którym już kiedyś pisałem a propos odzyskiwania danych z iPhone)
3) Paragon 3-in-1 Mac Bundle (czyli NTFS dla MacOSX i HFS+ dla Windows)

hi folks, new Macupdate bundle is out, for less then 50 USD at least 3 worth buying apps:
1) Toast Titanium 14
2) iMazing 1.2.4 (great tool to extract data from iPhone etc.)
3) Paragon 3-in-1 Mac Bundle (so access to NTFS drives for MacOSX and HFS+ drives for Windows)

JPEGmini – my best ‘under 20 USD’ app for mac in 2014

I have never thought I will buy single app to optimise JPEG files. And honestly – this is the best spent less then 20 USD in 2014 for any app I have bought.

JPEGmini does only one thing: recompressing the JPEG files. You can use it also to scale down images, but – my use of this app is optimising JPEG files for blog/publishing but also for my Clients backups. JPEG export is build in most of photo editing apps however – I was not happy with use of Image Processor (Adobe Photoshop’s part) nor Adobe Lightroom – because of handling of compression. So – while JPEGmini keeps details and quality of it’s processing – I’m happy. How much space we will save? I think 2-2,5x is average what we can expect and what is real to get. With not visible loosing quality of our images – a great deal to go with.

So – this is my recommendation wherever you are photographer or just blogger or hobbyist sending pictures to family or friends.


PS. there is also Windows version of JPEGmini.

not exactly free Adobe CS2 Suite and more

(edit)Sounds strange, but it’s true. All you need is account on adobe dot com (it’s free) and of course machine to run this a little bit outdated software, but some of them still are capable to fire up on modern computers.

(link is not working)

All software is provided for both Mac and PC platforms and with serial numbers.


(edit)It looks that cleaning this mess will take a while. Run Adobe, Run…

Man is a gaming animal

[quote]Man is a gaming animal. Charles Lamb, Essays of Elia, 1823[/quote]

It’s sad how cheap they became these days on Ebay. Another homeless M6 has reached its place…

fall promos for your Macs

Fall is coming. Two nice Mac promos arrived:


the promo costs a half of Toast Titanium 11 retail price.

Macupdate promo: Toast Titanium 11 (burn CDs, DVDs, TiVO and EyeTV video with iPhone & PSP conversion), Data Rescue (recover lost or corrupt data on drives – since once I needed it – I can only recomend to have it – just in case), iStat Menus 3.18 (monitor your system right from the menubar), FX Photo Studio Pro 2.0, Fantastical 1.0.3, PhoneView 2.7.1 (really nice manager for iPhone), Concealer 1.0.8, EarthDesk 5.7.3, Mellel 2.9.0, Bookends 11.1.7. At least first three worth to buy this promo.



Maclegion promo: DEVONthink Pro V. 2.2.1, Corel Painter Essentials 4, RapidWeaverV. 5.2.1, BannerZest ProV. 3.0.1, Disk Drill ProV. 1.4, Swift Publisher +ExtrasV. 2.3.7, PostboxV. 2.5.2, CheckUpV. 3.0.4, VoilaV. 3.1, FumyV. 1.5 + CleanMyMac for first 9000 buyers. attacked my Macbookpro

Today morning I wanted to use my favourite file rename tool (A Better File Rename) to clean up some archives. No Finder Services. ‘building’. None available even thru shortcuts in Keyboard/System Preferences. Holy Mother Google suggested something in System/Library/Services/. Found it!

Never installed this, never use Chinese on my Macbookpro. An invasion? Just removed it out of the Services folder (intentionally to the Trash), logged out, logged in and… voilla! Pulled this weed out.

it happened on Mac OSX 10.6.7 (Snow Leo).