hidden files in Maverick – show/hide application script

Yesterday I needed it twice to locate over 70GB of cache/old system files on two computers, so I have got to the point that copy/paste of:

show hidden files Maverick terminal
defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles -boolean true
killall Finder

then to reverse:

defaults delete com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles
killall Finder

it actually has driven me a little bit crazy so I have put two minutes of my time around 2am to simply script compiled to application:

It’s simple, just the code above in script form. If you want it, just put you comment below.

fall promos for your Macs

Fall is coming. Two nice Mac promos arrived:


the promo costs a half of Toast Titanium 11 retail price.

Macupdate promo: Toast Titanium 11 (burn CDs, DVDs, TiVO and EyeTV video with iPhone & PSP conversion), Data Rescue (recover lost or corrupt data on drives – since once I needed it – I can only recomend to have it – just in case), iStat Menus 3.18 (monitor your system right from the menubar), FX Photo Studio Pro 2.0, Fantastical 1.0.3, PhoneView 2.7.1 (really nice manager for iPhone), Concealer 1.0.8, EarthDesk 5.7.3, Mellel 2.9.0, Bookends 11.1.7. At least first three worth to buy this promo.



Maclegion promo: DEVONthink Pro V. 2.2.1, Corel Painter Essentials 4, RapidWeaverV. 5.2.1, BannerZest ProV. 3.0.1, Disk Drill ProV. 1.4, Swift Publisher +ExtrasV. 2.3.7, PostboxV. 2.5.2, CheckUpV. 3.0.4, VoilaV. 3.1, FumyV. 1.5 + CleanMyMac for first 9000 buyers.

190 pcs of 10 bilions

Apple celebrates big number. 191 pcs from these ten bilions act of shopping are mine, bought since first gen iPhone came into my hands. I have a few favs since then, but this is another story. Congrats to Apple.

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