Macupdate Bundle Fall 2015

Macupdate Fall 2015 Bundle

W telegraficznym skrócie – jest nowe Macupdate bundle, za niecałe 50 USD przynajmniej trzy warte grzechu:
1) Toast Titanium 14
2) iMazing 1.2.4 (o którym już kiedyś pisałem a propos odzyskiwania danych z iPhone)
3) Paragon 3-in-1 Mac Bundle (czyli NTFS dla MacOSX i HFS+ dla Windows)

hi folks, new Macupdate bundle is out, for less then 50 USD at least 3 worth buying apps:
1) Toast Titanium 14
2) iMazing 1.2.4 (great tool to extract data from iPhone etc.)
3) Paragon 3-in-1 Mac Bundle (so access to NTFS drives for MacOSX and HFS+ drives for Windows)

music resources for filmmakers

I will remember Bodaf Malaga 2013 mostly because of Fran Montoro. It’s actually interesting, because I was one of the speaker on the conference as photographer, but Fran Montoro touched by his presentation and speech one of the things that I had inside of me. The music. The sound. And the personal connection with whole sound in the filmmaking and cinematography. Of course only a few will be as gifted as Fran to sit with friends and write down and record music for the movie. For the very fast and short edits like 1-2 minutes I use Garageband, but this is just fast attempt to have background that just flow.

The minor of videography is in my opinion lack of respect of music copyrights. Most of videographers just take piece of music from the internet and put it as soundtrack to their i.e. wedding movie. In best point they put down the copyrights written, however it’s not the same to have rights to use someone’s work inside our work, as all wedding movies are commercial based. Someone is paid. Publishing wedding movie with soundtrack we have no licence to use is violation of copyrights. Just try to be fair, 50 USD for the licence is not that much. Below a few resources to find and buy licence for use music inside the movie. I will be updating this post with new links if I will find something.
MOBY – music for independent film makers


on the title image the band Marianna i chłopaki (Marianna and fellows).