Super Mario Bros background for Apple Watch

It was really fun to do it with some pics from Super Mario Maker. Just right-click to download and put it as fav image in iPhone to be sync with Apple Watch. Then only switch to watch face with picture, choose this one and voila!


Macupdate Bundle Fall 2015

Macupdate Fall 2015 Bundle

W telegraficznym skrócie – jest nowe Macupdate bundle, za niecałe 50 USD przynajmniej trzy warte grzechu:
1) Toast Titanium 14
2) iMazing 1.2.4 (o którym już kiedyś pisałem a propos odzyskiwania danych z iPhone)
3) Paragon 3-in-1 Mac Bundle (czyli NTFS dla MacOSX i HFS+ dla Windows)

hi folks, new Macupdate bundle is out, for less then 50 USD at least 3 worth buying apps:
1) Toast Titanium 14
2) iMazing 1.2.4 (great tool to extract data from iPhone etc.)
3) Paragon 3-in-1 Mac Bundle (so access to NTFS drives for MacOSX and HFS+ drives for Windows)

playing with Sony A7S part 1

Just got it, now trying to pair it with Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera.

The best of all – I can play with my Leica M lenses on Sony A7S body. This is really awesome as it’s full frame body.

Why I love this pair – A7S and BMPCC?

Full frame and crop. (Also I can turn on 1.5x crop on A7S to get rid a little bit of rolling shutter).

three lens in one: simple f1.4 prime 50mm Canon AF. On BMPCC I can use it either as 150mm lens with 1.4 either with Metabones Speedbooster to have something like… 87,5mm f0.74 portrait lens… In the same time I can use it on A7S as it was – 50mm f1.4.

60P in FHD and 120P in 720p on Sony A7S. enough for me to slow down footage. This was the leak point of BMPCC – max 30P footage.

Low light beast, SLOG and RAW. Sony A7s is crazy when it cames to low light. It’s a bit scary as nighttime looks like day when you push the ISO. SLOG and 50MBs XAVCS codec on A7s and RAW shooting on BMPCC.


batteries on both. Both need external power.
RAW shooting means 4x more for cards comparing to 60P FHD recording on A7S. More on disc more time for converting footage but – in difficult light conditions… It’s worth for me as sometimes it’s lossless to fix footage, and this is something you cannot with even ProResHQ codec.

What’s about photography? Until your needs to exceed 12Mpix of A7S – great body to carry around for travel, family time. If you already have bunch of lenses from Canon or Leica M – like me – you don’t need to buy anything exept the EF to SONY E lens converter (recommending Commlite one, as people reports some problems with Metabones).

And again… hunt for cage, powering (it can be done thru USB port of the camera which sounds… interesting, but I will end with DC coupler.

A few asked about the pic I posted on my Facebook profile, so here it is. RAW and OOC Jpeg. Nighttime, the only bulb/light source is small bulb in lamp 6 meters from the shot. This was dark near to black for my eyes. Yes, ISO is 51200. 51 thousands. This is 12bit RAW as I turned on silent shooting, so I may try to replicate the test with both 12 and 14 bit options.

JPEGmini – my best ‘under 20 USD’ app for mac in 2014

I have never thought I will buy single app to optimise JPEG files. And honestly – this is the best spent less then 20 USD in 2014 for any app I have bought.

JPEGmini does only one thing: recompressing the JPEG files. You can use it also to scale down images, but – my use of this app is optimising JPEG files for blog/publishing but also for my Clients backups. JPEG export is build in most of photo editing apps however – I was not happy with use of Image Processor (Adobe Photoshop’s part) nor Adobe Lightroom – because of handling of compression. So – while JPEGmini keeps details and quality of it’s processing – I’m happy. How much space we will save? I think 2-2,5x is average what we can expect and what is real to get. With not visible loosing quality of our images – a great deal to go with.

So – this is my recommendation wherever you are photographer or just blogger or hobbyist sending pictures to family or friends.


PS. there is also Windows version of JPEGmini.

fast compare BMPCC vs CANON 6D

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Dedication to all saying BMPCC (Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera) is not ISO king. It does not have to be. It’s just proper at what it does.

Three simple and fast stills from homemade footage. Winter afternoon, 40W bulb in the room.

Pocket: KOWA 12,5mm lens at f1.4, ISO1600, 180 shutter angle (1/48) vs Canon 6d, Tamron 24-70VC at f2,8 ISO6400, 1/50

Just as pointed: BMPCC does not have to be ISO king. It just works properly.

posting not phone-made video on Instagram

Generally sound simple. Shot on the phone, start up Instagram, choose video, publish.

However if you have video shot on the real camera, post processed on the computer it’s not that simple.

First – the limits on the Instagram’s side (see the Insgragram page about it):

  • 640×640 px. Yes, it’s square. So crop your video or try to live with the strips above and below. Generally – prepare square video.
  • 15 seconds. Crop it with precision, otherwise you have to do it later with Instagram which can be frustrating if you want to do it precisely
  • framerate should not be above 29,97 but this is my guess (24fps works, 29,96fps works also).
  • encoding – I use H.264 for iOS devices (actually FCPX preset) but with best quality settings.

Once we have the file (usually it’s about 2-5 MB), we have to put it on the phone. I have tried to upload with desktop apps but without success, so it’s faster to follow this:

1) upload video to phone by any sync method you have available then pass to point 3. The video will be in Camera Roll (on the iOS devices like iPhone).
– for iOS – you can use iTunes and sync works also by wifi, not only by cable connection.

2) use cloud storage (like Dropbox) to get access to video file.
– upload video to the cloud service (let’s say Dropbox)
– either login to mobile app Dropbox on the phone (both iOS and Android free versions are available) either send link to the phone to access the file
– for iOS devices – you need to have account on the Dropbox service to access file as they cannot just download the files from internet.
– when sharing the link not to yourself – there is option to save to Dropbox (that’s why you need Dropbox account).

– on iOS devices – once you have the file in own Dropbox – you can share it to Camera Roll (bottom icons -> first button on the left, then “Save Video” 2nd button on the left from bottom row) . If you get message box telling that “this video may be not compatible with this device” won’t worry until it plays correctly after landing in Camera Roll.

3) open Instagram app. Choose the video from the library (Camera Roll on the iOS devices). You do not need to crop, you do not need to cut (unless you have it longer then 15 seconds), just preview whole video (check if there is no sound drop or any speed problem with the sound and video), then – just post 🙂

I will cover how to work with Final Cut Pro X and custom video sizes in the future.