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a photo by: Maceo Ruiz

Martin Rusinowski
born 1974
by profession and education graphic designer.
worked as designer and art director for several projects for Masterfoods, L’Oreal Poland.
after 10 year he switched to photography for magazines, fashion, then press photography and journalism.

Since 2006 he works as wedding documentary photojournalist

Martin Rusinowski was first president and founder of Polish Association of Wedding Photographers (PSFS) founded in 2009.

Martin is one of the best and well known Polish wedding photojournalists. He cooperates with 5czwartych, wedding studios leads by his wife Agnieszka. He shots weddings for football stars like Robert Lewandowski, Lucas Podolski and Polish celebrities as well as wedding across the Europe.

Martin is well known as award winning photojournalist in WPJA, AGWPJA, ISPWP and Fearless Photographers contests with more then 50 awards during his membership in period od 2008-2012.

Martin is passionate with his Leica cameras, what joined his cooperation with Leica Camera Poland.

He lead several workshops about marketing and building brand as well as photojournalistic. He is first Polish wedding photographer that done workshops for photographers abroad Poland.

His previous workshops with attenders from Ireland, Mexico, Crna Gora, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Poland:

Black is white – wedding photography (three editions in 2009), Warsaw, Krakow, Warsaw, Poland
More light – lighting workshops (four editions in 2010), Warsaw, Poland
Barcelona workshop (wedding photography), February 2011, Barcelona – Spain
ASPE Workshop 2011 (with Citlalli Rico, Roberto Ramos, Samo Rovan, Fran Cabades), Nov 2011, Aspe – Alicante, Spain.
Wedding photojournalism and Leica M9 – workshop/presentation for Leica Camera Poland, 9.12.2011 Warsaw – Poland
Marketing of crisis and difficult Client for wedding photographers first in Poland (and probably in Europe) marketing workshops for wedding photographers. Five editions (fall 2011-beginning 2012), Warsaw, Poland
Marketing for wedding photographers (donated by EU, two editions, education program for small companies), Warsaw 2012, Poland
Samo y Martin 2012 Workshops (workshops “how to tell the wedding story” with Samo Rovan) La Vinyassa – Spain, Amsterdam – Holland, Warsaw – Poland
Marketing para fotografos, first in Spain markering workshop for wedding photographers with Luis Masyebra and Ray Mass. Chinchon (Madrid) – Spain. 2012
Open Day with Leica Monochrom – presentation for Leica Camera Poland, 9.9.2012 Warsaw – Poland
Bodaf Europe 2013, 26-28. February (with Jonas Peterson, Sean Flaningan, Davina & Daniel, Ed Peers, Victor Lax, Gabriela Ramirez), Malaga / Spain. 2013
One-on-one workshops/trainings from 2008

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