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I will remember Bodaf Malaga 2013 mostly because of Fran Montoro. It’s actually interesting, because I was one of the speaker on the conference as photographer, but Fran Montoro touched by his presentation and speech one of the things that I had inside of me. The music. The sound. And the personal connection with whole sound in the filmmaking and cinematography. Of course only a few will be as gifted as Fran to sit with friends and write down and record music for the movie. For the very fast and short edits like 1-2 minutes I use Garageband, but this is just fast attempt to have background that just flow.

The minor of videography is in my opinion lack of respect of music copyrights. Most of videographers just take piece of music from the internet and put it as soundtrack to their i.e. wedding movie. In best point they put down the copyrights written, however it’s not the same to have rights to use someone’s work inside our work, as all wedding movies are commercial based. Someone is paid. Publishing wedding movie with soundtrack we have no licence to use is violation of copyrights. Just try to be fair, 50 USD for the licence is not that much. Below a few resources to find and buy licence for use music inside the movie. I will be updating this post with new links if I will find something.
MOBY – music for independent film makers


on the title image the band Marianna i chłopaki (Marianna and fellows).

think big: the ROOTS album

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Album, którego przygotowanie i planowanie paradoksalnie zajęło prawie dwa lata. Album oraz idea, o której mówiłem przez ostatnie dwa lata warsztatów dla fotografów. O nie byciu mentalnie fotografem ślubnym. O traktowaniu fotografii w sposób taki jak traktuje się sztukę – czyli w formie kolekcjonerskiej.

ROOTS to koncepcja sesji, która była wyjściem ze strefy komfortu. Technika mokrego kolodionu, walka z chemią, fizyką. Dowiedziałem się wiele o sobie, że mam diabelnie gorące palce i nawet dwie rękawiczki nie ukryją tego na płycie szklanej. Zostawiam swój autorski ślad, nawet trzymając płytę za krawędzie.

Wielkie podziękowania dla kilku osób, które w jakiś sposób spowodowały taki a nie inny bieg wydarzeń dwa lata temu:

– Sergiusz Shushyn czyli Mr Flawless – z którym życie krzyżowało mi już parę razy drogi, tym razem w roli przewodnika i nauczyciela pierwszych ever wylanych płyt kolodionowych, dzięki Serg za te wspólne wdychanie eteru 🙂

Quinn Jacobson, którego przyjacielskość i niezwykła otwartość pozwoliła mi odkryć wiele rzeczy,

– Nicole Mouleo-Mbongo, która wystąpiła w roli modelki – szczególnie za ogromną cierpliwość w skali 12 sekund

– Kasi Sujce, za makeup Nicole i dużą ilość słów na sesji 🙂 urodzeni 22 lutego tak mają 😉

– ekipie bardzo życzliwych ludzi (Rafał, Michał, Sławek) @ Leica Camera Polska za walizkę z bestią pt. Leica S2

Osobny zestaw podziękowań dla Jagody i Marcina Dąbrowskich z drukarni artystycznej Empresse za produkcję tego albumu czyli nadanie tego wyjątkowego, realnego kształtu, tym bardziej cieszy mnie, że jest to nasza kolejna wspólna produkcja.

O samym albumie – tworzy go zaledwie 13 stron, z czego 4 są zawierają reprodukcje 4 zdjęć wykonanych w technice mokrego kolodionu, 7 reprodukcji zdjęć wykonanych aparatem Leica S2. Album zaprojektowany jest dość nietypowo – otwiera się w dwie strony – z jednej strony zawiera reprodukcje zdjęć w technice mokrego kolodionu, otwierając album w drugą stronę zobaczymy zdjęcia wykonane aparatem Leica S2) Wszystko – na kartach w formacie 50x60cm na papierze Hahnemuehle Photo Rag 188 @ 2880 dpi, pliki “wejściowe” z mokrego kolodionu miały 640 dpi, pliki z aparatu Leica S2 prints 420 dpi.

Moje wyobrażenie o wielkości negatywu/pozytywu w tym momencie skrystalizowało się do postaci formatu 50x50cm.

Aktualnie album jest dostępny do obejrzenia w Leica Gallery Warszawa, ul. Mysia 3.


It’s taken almost two years to finalise this album. During these two year I have mentioned it – as an idea on every single workshop for photographers I did. About not being mentally wedding photographer, about thinking about what we are doing as an art, about collector’s value.

During this time I have spoken with Empress-art thousand times what size it should be, how to think about this kind of album.

ROOTS is a concept of the session, with leaving the comfort zone. Wet collodion technique, a fight with the chemistry, physics. I learned a lot about myself, including I have a devilishly hot fingers and even two gloves do not hide its marks on the glass. I leave my own author’s fingerprint, even holding the wet glass by the edges.

Many thanks to the few people who in some way have caused such and no other course of events two years ago:

– Sergei Shushyn aka Mr. Flawless – a friend, this time in the role of guide and teacher’s first ever shed collodion plates, thanks to Serg for these common inhalation of an ether  🙂

– Quinn Jacobson, whose friendliness and unusual openness has allowed me to discover a lot of things,

– Nicole Mouleo-Mbongo, which was the model – especially for huge patience in the scale of 12 seconds

– Kasia Sujce for makeup Nicole and a large number of words per session 🙂 born on February 22 so have;)

– Team of very friendly people (Raphael, Michael, Slawek) @ Leica Camera Poland for the suitcase with the beast called Leica S2

A separate set of thanks for Jagoda and Marcin Dabrowski of Empress print house for the production of this album that is giving this unique, real shape, the more I am glad that this is our another common production.

About the album – it contains only 13 pages, 4 of which are contain reproductions of 4 pictures taken in wet collodion technique, 7 reproduce images shot with the camera Leica S2. It’s done in a kind of unusual form – it opens in two sides way – the one contains wet plate collodion prints, from the back there is part made digital on Leica S2. All – on the cards in the format 50x60cm paper Hahnemuehle Photo Rag 188 @ 2880 dpi, the files “input” from wet collodion were 640 dpi, files from the Leica S2 camera prints 420 dpi.

My idea of ​​the size of the negative / positive at the moment crystallized into a format 50x50cm.

Currently, the album is available to see at the Leica Gallery Warsaw, Mysia 3 street.

zdjęcia albumu/album pics by: Grzegorz Pędzich

hidden files in Maverick – show/hide application script

Yesterday I needed it twice to locate over 70GB of cache/old system files on two computers, so I have got to the point that copy/paste of:

show hidden files Maverick terminal
defaults write AppleShowAllFiles -boolean true
killall Finder

then to reverse:

defaults delete AppleShowAllFiles
killall Finder

it actually has driven me a little bit crazy so I have put two minutes of my time around 2am to simply script compiled to application:

It’s simple, just the code above in script form. If you want it, just put you comment below.

lomo Malaga #10

best of lomography is kind of random. Malaga. Belair camera. Kodak Portra 100. 6x12cm. light leaks. love it.

Bodaf Europe Malaga 2013 Experience

I needed a few days to reset before writting this. To reach home, kiss our boy, talk to our cat. It’s good to be at home, but it’s pity that it’s already after BodafEurope.

Most of all I miss all people, maybe not talking much in English, but very exited about the congress, the speeches, possibilities, the future. Best wish I can say to you: stay with this eager.

A lots of talks, at the pool, in the bar, everywhere. Where we are, european, do we still need to be guide as blind in wedding business or we are adult enough? I hope you all got the message: it’s time to make a change.

I hope you all have noticed the difference in this Bodaf. So much about this change. The Holstee Manifesto that appeared many times during speeches, quoted partly or full. It’s the right time. It’s about the change and believe in what we are doing. None can drive car forward looking at rear-view mirror. I keep my thumbs for that.

It’s the same as koan from Zen: the old man sits it the center of the village and tells the stories. First all people are around him, then only few of them, then nothing, even children. But still sits in the center of the village and tells the stories. After some days one of the children has come to him and asked: Grandpa, there is none around you, why you still tell the stories? None listen to them. He just said: At first I was telling the stories to change the world, now I tell the stories to not let the world change me.

This is my message to you all. Donot let world change you. Change the world. Because you can.*

We are still under impression about Spanish photographers and videographers (and Fran Montoro which is definately filmaker and great storyteller). This was first time I’ve heard so honest words about business from american photographer (once again hats off Sean Flanigan). Ed Peers, 200% authentic and totally reflecting with personality to his pictures and style, calm and peaceful, Davina and Daniel with incredible passion and dedication. And restless Jonas Peterson, still thinking about what I’ve heard from him ‘in between’.

Special thanks and incredible warm hug to Andres Parro and Issa Leal. You have created something really amazing. It’s always about people and – chapeau bas to you for whole congress. We are with Agnieszka really amazed by you both and your ‘child’ so much of your personality inside Bodaf, it’s incredible to meet you and be part of this.

Thanks and hug for whole ‘in the bar’ pals: Hamish, Steve, Ed, Jonas. It was kinda lifetime experience to share time and some beers with you. Hope to meet you again one day.

Luis, Ana, Fran, Andreas, Marcin, Victor, Sergio, Patrizia, Héctor, Adrian, Nicole, Moniek, Rene, Sophie, Kake – it was great to see you folks. A big hug and kiss!

Francisco Montoro, you forced me to think more about music. There are no words that can say ‘thank you’ proper way.

* with special decidation to one man that shared with us something very special and personal: Jonas.