incoming Bodaf Europe 2013 Malaga

Finally I have written a draft of the presentation and workshop I will give on Bodaf Europe 2013 Malaga, so it’s time to share it.

alternative approach to the weddings

Inside photographer: why and what we shoot during wedding coverage and outside wedding theme. how to make a change.

Aesthetic of the mistake: how to develop our mistakes into your signature style. how to make them working for us.

I will share also my two years experience of weddings thru small boxes: rangefinders (Leica M) and mirrorless cameras, shooting on film.

So, it’s divided into two parts as the idea of Bodaf Europe: presentation/speech for all attenders and 5 hours workshop with limited seats.

The workshop will give you some tools and points to analyse and work later. And of course all this stuff is from the point of photojournalism, documentary and storytelling. See you there!


Bodaf Europe 2013, 26-28. February, Malaga / Spain.

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