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I was wondering how to check number of shoots done on M9 after reseting the numbering. A few days ago I’ve found it – on website of Wolfram Söns.

Marcin Rusinowski | wish you were here

Anyway – strange is that my #012 taken pic is #119 in shutter count…

M9Info Version 0.50 for Leica M9


M9Info allows a fast access to informations inside the DNG File from Leica M9

  • Easy: just the original DNG or NEF is needed
  • Displays the preview picture. Preview can saved as BMP
  • Displays serial number, applied firmware and shutter releases of the camera
  • Display picture related data including used lens
  • Displays the tonal value (RGB-Histogram)
  • Launch up to three different programs with the opened file

The author published also shutter releases counting software for Leica M8, Nikon D3, D3s and D3x.

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