Macupdate 2011 spring

MacUpdate runs its new Spring Promo sale. If you ask – yes, I’ve just bought it. I will mention only a few picks worth considering:

A Better Finder Rename. this is part of my workflow with pictures. batch file rename. great tool.

TechTool Pro. Testing, repair, maintenance (including disk defragmentation), and data recovery.

Hands Off! Monitor the access to your drives, folders, files.

DVDRemaster Pro. simply converts DVDs so they can be watched on my iPhone or iPad.

Parallels Desktop 6.0. when you need to run Window$ you donot need to reboot into Bootcamp. All you need now is… Window$ licence.

1Password. store all your passwords in one place, encrypted.

and a few more. if you are bored with this kind of technogeek gems, Civilization IV (legendary empire-building strategy game. Game of the Year winner) is also included with this bundle.

MacUpdate 2011 Spring Promo Sale.

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