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something really strange appeared yesterday on one photographer’s Facebook profile. how do you backup. I’ve read several posts about illussion of so called backup. what is terrifying is that is was written by photographers appearing with ‘experience’ and ‘professional’ as keywords on their websites and blogs. folks, it’s not so difficult. get failure of files, drives, get your flat robbed, burned by fire or other things… that may happend.

to be honest – for me one copy on external drive is not a backup at all. syncho/mirrored drive is not a closed backup system. it’s only a part of solution. yep, definately better then none. in terms of wedding phography there is always risk balanced on the Client’s side. whole digital workflow is something to rethink, consider in terms of potentional risk.

I was pretty happy in Barcelona talking with Maceo Ruiz which is specialist in strategy of backup and solution for files’ workflow. my paranoid about backup and safety with digital files is pretty good in results I have implemented for 5czwartych. pretty good for the Client. yet, a few things to improve – there is always something to make more simple and better. this is why sharing the workflow with great friend and specialist is a sweet cherry on the cake.

so if you ask: at least 3 copies, 2 different kind of media used for backup, 1 copy off the main place (studio/home). below this make yourself comfortable in the lie that you have backup. yes, the Client donot know the reality or what is below the words. but it’s very difficult to erase a kind of stupid face look when you will need to tell your Client that his pics are lost. forever.

so better: find someone that will provide you strategy and solution, like Maceo. thanks bro!

Maceo and Bessa R4A by Leica M9.

Marcin Rusinowski | wish you were here

Barcelona, February 2011. Leica M9, 28mm, f3.5, t1/125, iso 320


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