film is not dead – the book

film is not dead

The title is nothing new. Actually you may agree with this, negate the sense of shooting film or just ignore it. But the rest is really simple: film is not dead.

Whatever you choose – back from dead polaroid, medium format (even for Holga or pinholes) or 135 film – you can experience something totally different. Even on polaroid with is instant film medium the result you can see is not ready to be visible just after click. The discussion about the sense of shooting film is long, complicated and personally dependend so I leave it for other time.

The title ‘film is not dead’ actually has an author – Jonathan Canlas. A few years ago he created a kind of ultimate guide for photographers to switch to film called ‘film is not dead’ and following this with serveral workshops. I donot remember when Jonathan started with online project – 2008? 2007? A few years of great passion.

Why I post about it? I love film, which is not a secret, but main reason is that finally there is a printed book you can buy from online bookstore:, I already did it. Dispatch estimate 21 Jan 2012. Nice.

Below something shoot on film. actually my last 135 roll of Portra NC 160. My fridge is empty now and nowadays we live in times of Portra without NC/VC versions. Portra has been unified.

However, without depating about how much this pic is near the crap – look at tones.How much sky details/tones and agaist it how much details in the shadows of palm trees.

This is film. This is Leica M6 + 21/2.8 Elmarit ASPH (thanks to Leica Store Poland for providing me this lens for fieldtest – soon more) just scanned on my Minolta Eliste 5400. no sharpening no photoshop. the only thing to compare is Leica M9 sensor, but not this time 🙂 Just December rainy Barcelona, Spain.

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