Samo y Martin workshop La Vinyassa Spain

I’m so proud and happy to announce workshop with my great Samo Rovan. La Vinyassa, in beautiful Spain, with help and support from my friend Roberto Ramos. Here we go:

2-4th April, La Vinyassa, Spain. Samo Rovan + Marcin Rusinowski, wedding photojournalism, hardcore documentary work, hunting for emotions, gestures, fresh and delicious images and something unique on each wedding. Samo Rovan, my friend and great photographer, which is for sure known from the contest results of ISPWP and Fearless Photographers, also honoured as 2009 Photographer of the Year in Slovenia. I met Samo during Aspe experience – incredible workshop organized and hosted by Roberto Ramos in Spain. I knew that we will meet again soon!

Promo price until end of February is 400 EU, booking, reservations is hosted by my great friend and incredible photographer in one person – Roberto Ramos (, more info on page, limited seats, counting actually down. Workshop sponsors and partners: Wedfotospain Leica Camera Poland. . 


The date – we will start 2nd of April so please mark the one day more in your calendar.

If I say words – photojournalism during almost every step of history since nearly last 100 years it’s simple for anyone to connect it to Leica. I’m proud to announce the sponsor and partner of this workshop – Leica Camera Poland. As you know Leica M9 and M6 are my main tools.

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