one must fall

Sometimes glass plate falls from the holder. Usually it happens when glazier cut it badly and you just have taken the glass, done whole wet collodion stuff, then when putting glass into holder you see it… does not fit as it should. Time is running. 3-5 minutes to do whole stuff. let’s try, maybe it will not fall out. 1:1. The 2nd one has fallen into the Deardorff… First thought: it’s lost… f**k… Then – why not to try to rescue it? So whole 30 second to remove the focusing screen (switching all lights down before), put it back into the holder, close the holder and go back to the darkroom.

Overall this plate looks fine for me. I love these scratches. None of other plates have such story. Forget the idea, the content. One must fall.

9s, f4.5, 300mm, Deardorff v8.

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