focusing with Fuji X Pro 1

Before I got Fuji X Pro 1 I couldn’t find any proper description how to use autofocus on this camera. More or less all reviews were about that some cameras are faster or slower or autofocus on Fuji X Pro 1 is not working at all.

After three weddings and one assigment I would say – I have figured out how to live with that. I doesn’t mean it will be comfortable for you or your friend, but as Americans say: how cares? a few thoughts below.

1. make firmware updates for X1 Pro body and all your Fujinion lenses.

2. turn off in 2nd tool menu: power save mode. it speeds up autofocus (!).

3. the best way to focus for me is to switch to manual focusing (!) and use AEL button to focus into desired point or area and correct it with manual focus if needed. with EVL viewfinder – it works really good (exept the lag with display after photo is taken). I use it during dance floor images etc. it’s my general way to work with this camera in difficult light (i.e. very hard light behind my object of interest). this is very near to the work with Leica (exept the autofocus of course :P) – be ready before the moment.

4. I do not know why AFC is the faster autofocus on Fuji X Pro 1 but haven’t figured out the right method for it (exept locking the focus – but apparently my mind works reversed way).

5. I use AFS in non complex lighting & contrast scenes. there is a shortcut in my mind that connects it with OVL finder.

6. manual focusing mode for macro/close-ups. of course.

7. do I use 6fps drive mode? yes I do. for action.

Is it possible to replace DSLR by Fuji X Pro 1? Yes. But there is something for something.

focusing with Fuji X Pro 1

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