Belair X 6-12 my first roll

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I was lucky enough to catch one of the buzziest lomography cameras of last months – Belair X 6-12. Generally it looks like they are out of stock, so I was double lucky getting it a few days ago. I will post about it more later. I did actually one roll on Ilford Delta 400, got it developed and started to scan. Autoexposure works a bit random for me with snow and hard overcast like it was that day, but I need more rolls of film to judge. First thing when I saw the negatives and scans: sharp center, defocus on the edges. It looks very lomo 🙂
I did scan with Epson V700 using new Silverfast (I need to get used to it, basically to the software traps), 16bit Gray HDR file is great to handle more details, but then you need to know how to play with it to get whole range of tones. Anyway – comparing to Holga – the image is less lomosomething. Will be playing this year with it and some old real glass lenses from large format cameras – just for fun 🙂 Probably I will stay with 58mm f8 lens for pano images as it gives about 21mm view on 6×12 frame. Anyway – I’m happy with what I saw on scans.

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