after Chichon

Time to summarize. It was fifths workshop about pure marketing and psychology for photographers in terms of contact with Clients, ninth if counted with previous “Black is White” workshop editions.

Sounds like voodoo. But rather this kind of magic it was really deep digging into the subject of what we do and what Client think. Luis Masyebra did great job about analyzing the Client steps into decision and whole tools’ part of workshop. Very scientific in term of professional approach. Great sum up with my psychology part and NLP approach. It’s twice great if you imagine that we did most difficult part – cutting/selecting/translating whole stuff during night before workshop of course after cervezas.

And Ray Mass. It should be another story to be told about this man. He said almost everything I always wanted to say about WHY we shoot. WHY we should. For me – a wow and pure photographic addition to our stuff. And a large format group portrait of all – a great surprise and again – back to roots. It also brings me impression that on some level no matter what are the differences.

There is knowledge we share. It’s amazing on every workshop I was doing: there is always something to learn yourself. From Luis, from Ray, from others, even we learn from mistakes. That’s life.

Below some memories on pics. All by Leica M9. All on 35mm. It was great to see you all and share some thoughts, hope it will bring you something important in your business. Masyebra, chapeau bas for fitting all together. You know you rule. Apart that you are my Metathron 🙂

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