after La Vinyassa workshop

It has taken me a long to summarize it. It’s always difficult when you miss something, especially people. That’s a problem with every workshop done. People we met, talked, liked.

La Vinyassa means rain. I’m not sure if it’s within translation or just within tradition. But fortunately rain means images and stories.

We thought with Samo to go back to the basics on the workshop: why and what we shoot. These are roots of our perception. Honesty with image and the story. It’s our story builder.

It was great to see that people were doing totally different images then on their wedding photography blogs. A risk, a temptation, an evaluation. This is main deal, an encounter.

Kind words to our workshop Partners: Leica Camera Poland and Floricolor. Thanks to Floricolor Albums we were able to print on time a booklet for workshopers. These booklet are something that was always in my mind, maybe a tradition to follow? Something written, something real, printed that will last with each person. Notes taken? Maybe a group picture glued in. La Vinyassa Experience. All people that I’ve met (again): Samo & Romana Rovan, Maria Cano @ Roberto Ramos, Carolina Sainz, Raquel Cavero, Núria Millàs, Inés Ormazabal, Patrizia Oriol, Aida Castañón, Isabel Oli & Sergio Recio@SilverMoon, Carlos Costa, Rafael Soriano Garcia, Adrian Faraldo Mendez, Victor Saboya Bengochea, Christian Roselló Ortega, Héctor Añaños, Gabriel Navas Alexandre, Frederic Wolf, Antonio de la Rosa, Michel Quijorna, Germán Rodrigo, Sergio Méndez Borges, Norberto Sala. A big hug my friends!

For future workshops with Samo and me take note with and also our Facebook page.

A few shots/memories below. All Leica M9 + 35mm.

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